Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Chili Plants - part II

Almost a month gone by and it's time to put up another post.
Beginning of February I started a new project that leaves me almost no spare time at the moment.

Luckily the chili seeds I sowed a while ago, are now growing into tiny plants, without much effort apart from the occasional watering and fertilizing.

 The chives and basil I also prepared didn't make it, maybe I had the seeds lying around for too long, but I'm definitely going to try a wider variety of herbs in the near future.
 Earlier today I finally managed to repot the little chili plants.

I already got tons of ideas what I'm going to do with the first chilis I'm going to harvest.

Now that I got the chili plants sorted, I'm going to start sewing my carnivals costume. This year I'm going to be a Funky Roman woman. More pictures later.

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